Hand & Wrist Center of Houston Home If you suspect broken bones, dislocated joints, lacerated tendons, lacerated nerves, infection, or have an open wound below the elbow, then call us immediately.

While under my care, patients can be assured that I will personally be the one to conduct an examination, make the diagnosis, follow the case, and perform the surgery, when surgery is appropriate.

– Mark Henry, M.D.

At the Hand and Wrist Center of Houston we only treat conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. After more than fifteen years in this sub-specialty, Doctor Mark Henry cares for more patients with these conditions each year than many surgeons see in an entire career.

Having earned the Top Medical Graduate award from Duke University in 1992 (ranked a top-five medical school) and the nation's highest score on the 10-year maintenance of certification examination in 2011, Dr. Henry is considered an international expert in hand surgery. Ranging from relatively simple procedures such as carpal tunnel release, all the way to the most complex microsurgical reconstructions, Dr. Henry has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and presentations in the world's leading textbooks, journals, and professional societies.

Contact the friendly staff at our Medical Center Clinic to arrange for care. If you suspect broken bones, dislocated joints, lacerated tendons, lacerated nerves, infection, or have an open wound below the elbow, then call us immediately at click for phone number.

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  • Rock on! - 05/07/13
  • mine was an excellent experience from appointment desk all the way through surgery and physical therapy. This is an extremely knowledgable and professional doctor and staff. - 10/29/13
  • Discussed all of my options. Listened carefully to what I said and suggested different options that would help me to gain satisfaction. - 02/26/14
  • Most professional and helpful for a first fracture in my life at 60 years old. Loved all staff and therapy. Thanks - 02/25/14
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  • Quick but well done! - 07/02/13
  • dr henry was extemely thorough luis was very helpful and exceptionally friendly with one hand only david was very friendly as well and very good at placing the splints. - 09/05/13
  • Dr. Henry is excellent! I would recommend him to any one! My experience was very comforting. - 07/18/13
  • Thanks to the entire staff. Wonderful experience. - 11/22/13
  • Thank you so much for taking my concerns and wishes into consideration and allowing me to try the removeable splint. Your staff were all wonderful, and I really appreciate their efforts, kindness and consideration. - 09/05/13
  • Awesome as always :) - 02/24/14
  • This is a great environment and I would definitely recommmed this place to others. I am very pleased of the outcome of the surgery! - 10/15/13
  • could not be better - 02/19/14
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  • Everyone was friendly and professional.I would return if needed. The girl at the front desk is an asset to your office. - 08/01/13
  • From the first call everyone I have encountered has been amazing! Thanks - 06/05/13

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