Practice Administration

Our goal is that each and every patient leaves here believing this was the best medical experience he or she has ever had.
  -Sean Lundy, CMPE

The Hand & Wrist Center of Houston is administrated by Sean Lundy, CMPE. Lundy is a Board Certified Medical Practice Executive, a member of the ACMPE and MGMA, and former board member of the Gulf Coast MGMA. Lundy has served on the Texas MGMA Legislative Committee.  He is recognized as an expert in the healthcare industry, and has testified on behalf of the Texas Medical Association at Congressional hearings of the Insurance Committee.  Lundy participated in MGMA’s collaboration with MIT, Hacking Healthcare, in Boston, Massachusetts, working on a team to improve pricing transparency in healthcare.

Lundy is responsible for the entirety of this practice’s business operations, including the following:

Administration is generally available from 7:30AM – 6:00PM Mon-Fri, except holidays.

Phone: 713-333-4477

Houston Hand and Wrist